Crest Cookbook

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Crest CookbookWhen the Crest Hotel welcomed its earliest guests in 1961, one of the first things my father did was symbolically toss out the key to the front door. It’s now 2011 and we’ve still never needed that key. In fact, the doors to the Crest Hotel have remained open to the people and visitors of Prince Rupert for an incredible five decades! This October 1st marks our fiftieth year in business and our family is so pleased to have served alongside our community throughout these years.

To celebrate 50 years, Crest Hotel is offering our newest cookbook, containing a history of the Crest Hotel and 50 of some of our best recipes from the Crest Hotel Kitchen.

The cookbook is $29.95 plus taxes and is available for sale at the Crest Hotel & the Museum of Northern British Columbia gift shop in Prince Rupert or at Misty River Books in Terrace.

Order yours today!